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Seven Hard/Industrial Techno Labels To Submit Your Music To

You’ve decided to share your music with the world. Good for you! Exploring the vast expanse of labels can be daunting, which is why I’m here to help. This list is a specifically curated list of labels that majorly target the hard, booming techno prone to clubs and raves, and how to get in touch … More

The Odyssey Playlist, Week 1

The Odyssey is a weekly curated playlist available on Spotify, rotating through different styles of techno and electronic music. This week on The Odyssey Playlist: A focus on hard, industrial techno from names both familiar and obscure. You can access the full Spotify playlist here. Want a continuous mix? I got you covered. I’d also … More

The Perfect Encapsulation of BRONSON in HEART ATTACK/VAULTS

Having recently released their eponymous album earlier this year, BRONSON is off to a good start; however, I wanted to focus a bit more on the initial release of HEART ATTACK/VAULTS. One immediately familiar, one deliciously disruptive, BRONSON’s pair of releases encapsulates more than just the sonic range of those involved, i.e., ODESZA and Golden … More

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