The Odyssey Playlist, Week 1

The Odyssey is a weekly curated playlist available on Spotify, rotating through different styles of techno and electronic music.

This week on The Odyssey Playlist: A focus on hard, industrial techno from names both familiar and obscure.

You can access the full Spotify playlist here. Want a continuous mix? I got you covered. I’d also love for you to check out my flip of a recent Charlotte de Witte track.

Note: The information below is not ranked; it has been arranged alphabetically.

Adam O’Shea – Sharpshooter

Sharpshooter hits hard and fast, wasting no time getting your adrenaline flowing. Pulse-pounding drums, an intoxicating atmosphere, this track has everything needed from booming industrial techno.

Alain Delay – Your Body (Diatek Remix)

An almost harmonic intro blends in with chopped, distorted vocals before the drums are slowly led in, leading to a minimalist beat that builds up and thoroughly delivers with unexpected twists and turns.

Aron SC – How Could You

Huge, distorted drums take centre-stage with Aron SC’s How Could You, creating a heavy industrial rave ambiance. You may not be able to go to clubs anytime soon, but this one will have you moving around in your room, I guarantee. Tapping your foot, at the very least.

D.A.V.E The Drummer, Marcello Perri – Mute Frequencies (D.A.V.E The Drummer’s Lockdown Remix)

D.A.V.E The Drummer turned up in another one of my posts as a label owner and someone you can send your music to. This is a good example of his style. Hard drums, chopped vocals, booming atmosphere – all of it creates a fantastic example of a techno track that is just unstoppable.

D.N.S. – Saturday Night

Saturday Night is another classic banger with more mainstream techno elements tailored into its approach; it hits hard and fast. Not much else that needs to be said.

Dowdzwell  – Tsunami Headrush

Tsunami Headrush perfectly encapsulates, in its title, the feeling the track gives you when you listen to it. An absolute heater from start to finish, Dowdzwell blends in elements of acid techno to give the track an even more satisfying second half.

Dstm – Twisted Sense Of Humor

An unexpected blend of analog sounds with fast-paced drums, this track is an oddity. I’ll admit, I didn’t really get it the first time around, but a few repeat listens earned it a spot on the list.

Slam – False

The artwork is as mesmerising as the music with this one, creating a disjointed sense of flow with the main sound and drums. Much like the artwork itself, there’s organisation, yet a certain disconnect that reveals itself the more you listen.

Gabriel Padrevinta, AnGy KoRe – Koza

Koza might be the hardest track on this list, drawing more influence from hardstyle than techno, but its a banger all the way through, incorporating the rave aesthetic seamlessly within the techno and hardstyle bits. The whole EP, in fact, is an enjoyable blend of the two.

Hels.Yeah – With Menaces

The artwork may look like it was made in 2002 with MS Paint, but don’t let that fool you. With Menaces has some raw power beneath the hood, with a darkly minimal beat giving way to huge, crushed, distorted sounds that drive through the whole track.

Jan Vercauteren – Catch Me If You Can

Unlike the previous track, the aesthetic of the cover art matches the throw-back rave anthem that is Catch Me If You Can, on the strange borderline between old-school hard house, trance, and acid. It looks and sounds like something out of 2002, and all the better for it.

Klangkuenstler – Alte Zeit

Alte Zeit is one of the lesser-known tracks off of Klangkuenstler’s lattest Himmelreich EP, but it goes just as hard as the rest of the EP. With a beat that slaps right out the gate, Alte Zeit gives you exactly zero seconds to catch your breath. Just like old times.

Lars Huismann – Out of Control

Out Of Control sounds like what I imagine would happen if dubstep had a baby with techno and then decide to raise it with psy-trance. That’s all.

Luciid – Snitch (Hush & Sleep Remix)

The only disappointing thing about this remix is that breakbeat goes away quicker than I would’ve liked, but Hush & Sleep’s remix of Snitch more than recovers from that misstep by creating a dancefloor-ready attack on the senses.

Marco Stenzel – WTF

Jumping on the bandwagon of creating music addressing the pandemic, during the pandemic, WTF‘s admittedly on-the-nose (yet gorgeous) art and ideology is transmitted seamlessly with a sparse, heavy beat and that one guy saying “What the fuck?” every 8 bars or so. 2020, man.

MRD – Superwoman ft. Sticky Icky

I wish I had the words to describe how much I enjoy this track. Hard drums, arpeggio that’s almost acidic but not quite, and vocals that blend into the atmosphere of the track. I love it when something comes together so well.

Nostromos, Dolby D – Infection

Did you know there’s a pandemic? A portion of music seems only too keen on addressing it, and Infection is no different; however, the track itself is immersive, with a surprising Middle Eastern–vibe that permeates through the track.

Røttar – The Warehouse (Lukas Remix)

One of the faster-paced tracks on this playlist, Lukas’ remix of The Warehouse brings to mind the very title: strobe lights, closed eyes, and music reverberating through your bones.

Van Dexter – Nightclub In Bali

This track, from what I can tell, is a love song to a nightclub in Bali. Or sacrifice. Maybe both.

X-COAST – Synthetic Dreams (Anetha Remix)

A surprisingly synth-heavy intro gives way to pounding drums in this remix of Synthetic Dreams by Anetha and I have to say that the intro is one of my favourites on the entire list.

That’s it for this week! Is there any one you particularly liked? Sound off in the comments!

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