The Perfect Encapsulation of BRONSON in HEART ATTACK/VAULTS

Having recently released their eponymous album earlier this year, BRONSON is off to a good start; however, I wanted to focus a bit more on the initial release of HEART ATTACK/VAULTS. One immediately familiar, one deliciously disruptive, BRONSON’s pair of releases encapsulates more than just the sonic range of those involved, i.e., ODESZA and Golden Features, it also serves as a perfect introduction to their sound.


HEART ATTACK is an instantly recognisable track for anyone who’s heard any of ODESZA’s or Golden Features’ music. Pairing perfectly the vocals of lau.ra with a rich bassline and a house beat, HEART ATTACK is a quintessential house track. It’s simple, straightforward and stripped back, and wears it’s heart on its sleeve. What HEART ATTACK does is set the stage for BRONSON, creating a familiar space to disrupt with their follow-up, VAULTS.


I’m personally ecstatic about this track because I enjoy any excuse to introduce trap and bass influences into more melodic techno content, and VAULTS does so with aplomb. 808s blend together seamlessly with a progressive/melodic house–inspired lead,

VALUTS pushes the boundaries of the genre where HEART ATTACK is content to function within the lines, creating an interesting and immediately engaging pair of tracks that both identify and set apart BRONSON in one quick release.

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